[VideoPhone:2545] [wg5-3: 2996] H.GCP is about gateway recomp osition, not decomposition..

Liang, William liangw at INTEL.CO.JP
Thu Jun 3 13:21:57 EDT 1999

Dear Brian,
I am documenting a piece on the "minimal interoperability" issue, which I
will forward to you next week. (if there is interest I can post it to the

The basic idea is that while the motivation for H.GCP was gateway
decomposition, the actual standard deals with composing rather than

Thus I propose to introduce some terms, such as "composite gateway", while
adhering to H.323 current definitions, and work on the call setup
procedures, closely following the actual H.323 text. This will lead to the
resolution of transfering call signalling between the MGC and the MG in the
various compositions. One thought that crossed my mind was to explicitly
deal with all the gateway categories that H.323 defines ( H.310 (H.320 on
B-ISDN), H.320 (ISDN), H.321 (ATM), H.322 (GQOS-LAN), H.324 (GSTN), H.324M
(Mobile), and V.70 (DSVD)).

We may also need to modify H.323v3,  at least to some extent, in order to
better cover gateway sub-components.

A sample of the text is attached (Word 97)

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Boaz Michaely
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