H.323 Annex E and H.225.0 Annex G Upload

Sakae OKUBO okubo at GITI.OR.JP
Wed Jun 2 11:16:35 EDT 1999

Some comments:
1. The reference points naming is confusing: either TIPHON B, CA, CB, DA,
DB, or SG11 i IFx. I would stick to the second one, to have common
2. Although we talked about it, Ed, I don't remember the point in IF7,
between the MGC and the SCP via SC GF, bypassing the GK. The main path has
to go through the GK anyway, and reasoning for that has to be given: the GK
is the service manager and co-ordinator for the IP network. It decides
whether a trigger can be handled inside or has to be diverted to the
external SCP.
3. You refer to "peering SCPs". Purely SS7-wise, INAP is not peer-to-peer,
so the GK is both SCP client (i.e. SSF) and server (i.e. SCF towards the
SCN SSFs), but not at the same time.
4. The statement on the PINT server is a bit vague. I would rather say:
"the PINT server is merely a web interface for controling SCN calls, thus
has less relevance to H.323 that deals with multimedia over IP (packetized
5. Direct routed call model has to be reflected in figure 3, or on a
separate figure. Note that the fact that the GW is decomposed implies GRC,
since the signaling and media pass on two different nodes, so the example
has to be of a  client terminal, rather than a GW.


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Dear SG16 Q13,

I am sending this out for comments. On a proposed
response to SG11.

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