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There is no limitation of one GOB per packet. The limitation is that a
GOB will not break between packets unless the macro block is longer then
the MTU, in that case you can break the GOB. There is no specific
structure for a packet with more then one GOB, it is as defined in
H.261. The only important information is that all packets of the same
frame will have the same time stamp.

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> Dear All,
> I have some problem to packetize H.261 GOB into RTP packet. There are
> too many GOB's to packetize only one GOB into one RTP packet.
> Can I pack two or more H.261 GOB's in one RTP packet?
> And I want to know the structure of packet which includes two or more
> H.261 GOB's.
> Any comment will be appreciated.
> soo.
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