Queries to support Fax @ GW

Sunil Mahajan smahajan at HSS.HNS.COM
Tue Jun 29 00:20:36 EDT 1999


We have some queries related to Fax support at Gateway using H.323 Annex-D and

- How the originating gateway (after detecting CNG) tells/informs the
  Gateway, that the call is a fax call [assuming two gateways are communicating
  using H.323]

- How do we open logical channels for fax communication (T.38)
   - Annex-D tells that openLogicalChannel can specify TCP/UDP option in the
     OLC structure
       - which parameter tells TCP/UDP option in OLC? is it the media transport
         in transport capability ?
       - what kind of capability is specified for fax
              - is it voice/data ? or a separate capability structure?

Any kind of information, help or pointer would be highly appreciated....

Ravi Kiran
Sunil Mahajan

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