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> From:         Brian Rosen[SMTP:brosen at ENG.FORE.COM]
> Sent:         Friday, July 30, 1999 10:21 PM
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> Subject:      MegacoHGCP9 is posted
> I have received very few comments on Wednesday evening's
> draft.  MegacoHGCP9.pdf is available at:
> It has the following changes:
> 1. Abdallah Rayhan and his colleagues at Nortel Networks
> have been furiously putting together a real parser while I'm
> merrily changing the syntax.  They have provided some updates
> that make the grammar consistent, error free and presumably
> more regular.  While the changes do in fact modify the syntax,
> they should not introduce any semantic changes except as noted.
> A summary of changes are:
>   some spelling errors were corrected
>   several places where I had made commas optional were
>    put back to requiring commas
>   several places where parameters should have been optional
>    were fixed so that they were optional
>   several ABNF rule construction errors were fixed
>   a change was made in eventParameter to fix a syntax
>    ambiguity
>   an error where SignalsDescriptor had a RequestID was fixed
>   an option to return an error from Transaction was added
> 2. Time Notation is changed per Chris Ross' suggestion
> 3. Nancy Greene from Nortel Networks has updated the examples
> They are believed to be reasonably consistent with the current grammar.
> 4. I have clarified wording to expressly state that a Termination can
> only exist in one Context at a time.
> 5. I have clarified wording in termination Mode to state that
> send/receive is with respect to the Termination.  A Termination in Send
> mode can only talk, it cannot listen.
> 6. Text on the local, tx and rx descriptor was replaced/reworded, and
> Mode text was restored/relocated to the Local descriptor section.
> A new Internet Draft referencing this pdf has been submitted,
> and will be announced in a few days.
> For those attending the SG16 Berlin meeting, there will be a hard copy
> of this draft, with change bars from APC-1610 available.  A zipped
> version of the pdf and doc files is also on the ftp site for your
> use.  Please note that files with "itu" in the file name have the ITU
> headers and some extra text not in the IETF version (the macros were
> invoked to show ITU text).
> I thank all of the people who have contributed to this editing process.
> Other than the missing text on defining packages that should be
> available very soon, and the separate document with the default
> packages, I feel that the document is getting very close to
> last call quality.
> Any further review you would care to do would be most welcome.
> Feature requests will probably be discouraged.
> Brian Rosen, Editor
> ------------
> Brian Rosen, Principal Engineer
> FORE Systems, 1000 FORE Drive, Warrendale, PA 15086
> (724) 742-6826  mailto:brosen at

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