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Dear Q.12-14/16 experts,

Attached please find the list of registered contributions as of 15:00
(Tokyo time) Tuesday 27 July. Those documents yet to be uploaded are marked
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my apology and re-send it to the /Incoming directory. If you have not yet
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Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Waseda Research Center
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
5th Floor, Nishi-Waseda Bldg.
1-21-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
169-0051 Japan
      Tel: +81 3 5286 3830
      Fax: +81 3 5287 7287
      e-mail: okubo at giti.or.jp

Documents for Q.12-14/16 Rapporteur meeting in Berlin (2-6 August 1999)

     The documents can be retrieved as


* yet to be uploaded
# to be uploaded after the SG11 Rapporteur meeting this week
APC-  Source       Title
1555  ITU-T SG8    Recommendation T.38 Indications in Recommendation
                   H.245 (TD1/WP2 of the SG16 Santiago meeting)
1556  ITU-T SG11   Support of  IN services for H.323 and other IP
                   Network based terminals (TD4/WP2 of the SG16 Santiago
1557  ITU-T SG9    Draft New Rec. J.Web "Distribution of Sound and
                   Television Programmes over the Internet
                   "Webcasting"" (TD22/WP2 of the SG16 Santiago
1558  ITU-T SG2    Routing of Multimedia Connections When Interworking
                   with PSTN, ATM, and IP Networks (TD24/GEN of the SG16
                   Santiago meeting)
1559  SG16 WP2     Proposed Organisation going forward to new Study
1560  Editor (E Martinez)
                   Annex-H (User and Service Mobility in H.323) Proposed
1561  Editor (G Hellstrom)
                   H.323 Annex G Text Conversation and Text SET
1562  L M Ericsson H.gcp Modification proposals for Text Conversation
1563  Editor       Draft H.323 Annex J: Security for H.323 Annex F
1564  L M Ericsson H.224 Modified for text conversation
1565  DataBeam Corporation
                   Usage of Expanded T.35 Country Codes in Recommendations
                   H.225.0,H.245, and H.283
1566  Editor       H.243 Draft revised ITU-T Recommendation H.243
                   (white doc.)
1567  L M Ericsson Generic Service ControlTransport
1568  Lucent and AT&T
                   H.245 Generic Capabilities Definition and H.225
                   Packetization Specification for the North American
                   Cellular/PCS TDMA Vocoders (ACELP and US1)
1569  BT and Tech-Know-Ware
                   Editorial Clarifications to H.323 and the Implementer's
1570  BT and Tech- Know-Ware
                   Clarifications on Third-Party Pause
1571  Rapporteur for Q.12/16 (S Okubo)
                   Status of Draft Amendment 7 to H.222.0|ISO/IEC 13818-1
                   -- Carriage  of ISO/IEC 14496 (MPEG-4) content over
                   H.222.0|ISO/IEC 13818-1 (MPEG-2) System streams
1572  Editor (K Sakai)
                   Draft Implementor's Guide for H.321 V2
1573  Editor (S Okubo)
                   Draft Implementor's Guide for H.310 V2
1574  SG16 Correspondence Representative to DAVIC (S Okubo)
                   DAVIC work on TV Anytime and TV Anywhere system
1575  Rapporteur for Q.19/16 (S Hayashi)
                   H.245 Capability Definition and H.225.0 Packetization
                   Specification for G.729
1576  Japan        Guideline for assigning the T.35 terminal provider
                   codes in Japan
1577  Oki et al    Proposed modifications to resolve the inconsistent
                   ASN.1 syntaxes between T.38 Annex B and H.245
1578  Oki et al    Proposed additional liasion to SG8 on T.38 Appnedix II
1579  Hitachi, Ltd.
                   Prototype system of H.262 layered video transmission
1580  the IETF Megaco Working Group
                   Media Gateway control protocol architecture and
1581  Lucent Technologies and Nortel Networks
                   H.323 v3 and H.225 v3 Support for Improved Alias
1582  Lucent Technologies
                   H.323 v3 and H.225 v3 Endpoint Registration
1583  Siemens AG   Error in Coding Bearer Capabilities
1584  Siemens AG   Inter-Zone Addressing
1585  Siemens AG   Correction of Alias Conflict in H.225.0v3
1586  Siemens AG   Identification of Gateway Protocol
1587  Siemens AG   Null AliasAddress
1588  SIEMENS      Restricted Numbers/Aliases in Supplementary
                   Service APDUs
1589  SIEMENS      Work on Supplementary Service Interworking started
1590  SIEMENS      Draft H.450.9 "Call Completion Supplementary Services
                   for H.323
1591  AT&T, VocalTec, DataBeam and Alcatel
                   Functional Requirements and Service Classes to Support
                   QOS in H.323
1592  Lucent Technologies
                   Q.SIG Transport in H.323 Systems
*1593  PictureTel and Nortel Networks
                   Backward compatibility and clarification text in H.323
                   Annex C
*1594  PictureTel   Problem with XRS (Message Not Understood) RAS message
*1595  PictureTel   Additional information in ARQ for Gateway calls
*1596  PictureTel   H.245 support for G.722.1
*1597  Siemens      Feature key management extensions for H.323 SET
1598  VocalTec Communications Ltd
                   Adopting a Pragmatic Approach to IPT-IN InterWorking
1599  VocalTec     Clarifications to the fast connect procedure
1600  VocalTec     Comments on Transporting DTMF in H.323
1601  VocalTec     Changes to H.323 to support operation via basic NAT
#1602  VocalTec Communications Ltd
                   IN-IPT interworking - feecback from the SG11 Rapporteur
#1603  VocalTec Communications Ltd and Marconi Communications Ltd
                   Scope definition of Annex D to H.246
1604  VocalTec     Changes to H.248 to assure H.323 GW interoperability
*1605  Intel Corporation
                   Proposed Terms of Reference for H.323 Mobility
1606  Cisco Systems
                   Proposal for Transporting User Input via RTP
1607  Cisco Systems
                   Proposal for Enforcing Symmetric Codec Operation with
                   Fast Connect
1608  Tech-Know-Ware and Lucent
                   H.GCP/Megaco Structured Message Encoding Using an ASCII
                   Line Format
1609  Lucent Technologies
                   Support for Q.931 TNS and NSF IEs in H.225.0
*1610  Q.14 Rapporteur
                   Changes to H.248 Proposed by IETF Megaco
1611  RAD Data Communications LTD
                   Proposals for the next version of H.341 MIB
1612  Lucent Technologies,Intel Corporation,FORE Systems Inc.,Teles AG
                   Proposing structured media and bearers for H.248,
1613  Lucent Technologies
                   Proposal for PUT and DELETE commands in H.248,
1614  Lucent Technologies
                   Scripting framework for H.248,
1615  Lucent Technologies
                   H.242 package for support of decomposed H.323-to-H.320
                   gateways in H.248
1616  LM Ericsson  H.GCP and encoding in networks
1617  LM Ericsson  Signalling Transport for H.GCP
1618  LM Ericsson  Handling of Optional H.GCP commands
1619  LM Ericsson  Notification Indicators in H.323
1620  LM Ericsson  Signalling Transport in H.323
*1621  LM Ericsson  Draft H.246 Annex C
*1622  Lucent Technologies
                    Expression of Gateway Call Capacity
1623  Lucent Technologies
                   Need for the Q.931 Disconnect and Release Messages in
1624  TAO          Some considerations on the new Annex to H.323 for high
                   audiovisual communications
1625  Oki Electric Indsutry
                   Editorial errors in H.450.5 and H.450.7
1626  Nortel Networks
                   Tunneling of Q.SIG information in H.225.0
1627  IETF Megaco Working Group
                   R2 Package for MEGACO Protocol
1628  IETF Megaco Working Group
                   Megaco IP Phone Media Gateway
*1629  IETF Megaco Working Group
                   Basic Packages For Megaco/H.248
*1630  Cisco Systems,Inc.
                   SDP Encoding for H.248.
*1631  Tech-Know-Ware and BT
                   A Package based Extensible Object-Oriented Framework for
1632  Lucent Technologies, Tech-Know-Ware, Intel Corporation, FORE Systems,
      VocalTec Communications, Teles AG
                   Structured Syntax for H.248
1633  Mitel        Proposals for Enhanced Feature Support in H.323
1634  Intel        Security tokens for releaseComplete UUIE
1635  Telcordia Technologies
                   Mapping H.245 semantics to SDP
1636  Telcordia Technologies
                   Comparing EBNF and ASN.1 for text encoding
*1637  Rapporteur Q13
                   Protocols for Trunking and Access Gateways
*1638  LucentTechnologies
                   Gatekeeper Modification of Destination Addresses
*1639  LucentTechnologies
                   Trunk and Line Selection in H.323 Gateways
1640  Nortel Networks
                   Clarification on the use of E.164 numbers
*1641  Lucent       Interoperabity between H.323 Systems using G.711 and
1642   Alcatel and Nortelnetworks
                   Reference to af-saa-0124.000 specification in H.323.V3
1643   MPEG        Liaison Statement from SC 29/WG 11 to ITU-T SG 16 on
                   MPEG-4 Over H.32x Terminals [SC 29/WG 11 N 2887]

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