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Mon Jul 26 14:46:01 EDT 1999

This is Ameneh Zahir. I have been chairing the H323 gateway over ATM
activity over the past 2 years in the ATM-Forum. The ATM-Forum is glad
that this specification is referred to in the H323V3 recommendation. In
order  for the ITU-T organization to keep this reference in its
determined version of H323.V3 I was told that you need an official ITU
form to be filled. Because the ATM-Forum is meeting this week (starting
today) it was almost impossible to meet the SG16 rapporteur's meeting
I hope it is not too late for you to consider this contribution which is
purely administrative.
I uploaded it on the picture-tel website server under: ITU-af124.doc.
Unfortunately it does
not have any APC number.
I would like to apologize and hope that if not in Berlin then in
September during the interim meeting this contribution will be
Best regard.

Ameneh Zahir
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