reference to the ATMF specification af-saa-0124.000

Ameneh Zahir-Emami ameneh at CSI.COM
Mon Jul 26 14:07:54 EDT 1999

I'm not sure why the MG needs to know the OPC/DPC and CIC, there could just be a
common naming of DS0s between the MGC and MG, and the MGC would map to
However, if they are needed, then the Network Indicator (2 bits) should also be
included. In addition, in the US (and China) SS7 Point Codes are 24 bits, and
the CIC is 14 bits, not 14, 14 and 12 as shown in section 3.4

Steve Carr
Unisphere Solutions

John Segers <jsegers at LUCENT.COM> on 07/26/99 10:33:24 AM

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I just uploaded the following documents for the Berlin meeting to

  Title: Proposing structured media and bearers for H.248
  Source: Lucent Technologies, Intel Corporation, FORE Systems Inc.,
Teles AG

  Title: proposal for PUT and DELETE commands in H.248
  Source: Lucent Technologies

  Title: Scripting framework for H.248
  Source: Lucent Technologies

  Title: H.242 package for support of decomposed H.323-to-H.320 gateways
in H.248
  Source: Lucent Technologies

  Title: Structured syntax for H.248
  Source: Lucent Technologies, Tech-Know-Ware, Intel Corporation, FORE
Systems, VocalTec Communications, Teles AG


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