APCs 1581, 1582 uploaded

Rex Coldren coldrenr at agcs.com
Mon Jul 26 13:12:12 EDT 1999

Well it seems the Telcordia crowd still haven't read my proposal!!!!!!

What I am proposing is an ASN.1-LIKE specification.  That means similar to,
but not exactly the same as.  In my proposal your line:

quarenteenProcessing QuarenteenProcessing OPTIONAL

would be represented as:

quarenteenProcessing  AS  q  QuarenteenProcessing OPTIONAL.

and q would be used as the on the wire tag for precisely the reasons quoted
in APC-1636.

If there are worries that this isn't ASN.1 (if that is worth worrying
about!), then all you have to do is go through removing any AS specifiers
either manually or automatically.  It's no big deal.


Pete Cordell
pete at tech-know-ware.com

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From: Hong Liu <lhong at RESEARCH.TELCORDIA.COM>
Date: 26 July 1999 17:01
Subject: Documents uploaded

>Hi, all,
>I have uploaded two contributions from Telcordia Technologies to the ftp
>incoming directory for the Berlin meeting:
>APC-1635: Mapping H.245 Semantics to SDP
>APC-1636: Comparing EBNF and ASN.1 for Text Encoding

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