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FYI The May/June issue of IEEE Network was also a special issue on Internet
Telephony.  Prof Schulzrinne was guest editor which I found quite


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>                             Call for Papers
>             Special Issue of IEEE COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE on
>                            Internet Telephony
>Due to the potential economic advantages, the integration of several media
>is desirable and very attractive. Today, however, voice over IP remains
>somewhat of a technical novelty, hindred by a number of existing problems
>to provide an assured voice quality. The likely prognosis is that over the
>next year or two, the advent of Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) and
>increased enterprise network bandwidth (achieved with ATM WAN services)
>could give a boost to voice over IP. This special issue is to bring
>experts in the field to share with IEEE COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE readers the
>current problems, components, and experiments in "Internet Telephony".
>Desirable features of a voice-over-IP system include:
>* Optimal use of bandwidth.
>* Capacity management.
>* Support of speech quality.
>* Flexible integration into voice environment (e.g., PBX).
>* Enterprise network ready (support LAN/WAN/Internet protocols for direct
>  attachment).
>* System-level scalability: must be easy to add PBX-side interfaces to
>  support growth in requirements and appropriate links.
>* Network-level scalability: must be able to support mapping of a
>  number of extensions (perhaps several thousands) to the respective IP
>  addresses of the destination gateway. A master database with distributed
>  upgrade may be desirable.
>IEEE COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE announces a forthcoming issue on "Internet
>Prospective authors should follow IEEE COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE guidelines
>submit an electronic (PDF file or a PostScript file viewable by Ghostview)
>copy of the manuscript to one of the Guest Editors listed below. Articles
>addressing both traditional and innovative products will be given
>Topics include, but are not limited to:
>* Voice over IP/ATM
>* IP over ATM/FR for Multimedia
>* Traffic Control for Multimedia/Internet Telephony
>* QoS Control of Voice over IP
>* Evolution of the VPN and PBX environment
>* Traffic Capacity Management and Routing Algorithms for Multimedia.
>Full manuscript submission deadline         July 31, 1999
>Notification of acceptance                  October 30, 1999
>Publication Schedule                        April 2000
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