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                             Call for Papers
             Special Issue of IEEE COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE on

                            Internet Telephony

Due to the potential economic advantages, the integration of several media
is desirable and very attractive. Today, however, voice over IP remains
somewhat of a technical novelty, hindred by a number of existing problems
to provide an assured voice quality. The likely prognosis is that over the
next year or two, the advent of Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) and
increased enterprise network bandwidth (achieved with ATM WAN services)
could give a boost to voice over IP. This special issue is to bring
experts in the field to share with IEEE COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE readers the
current problems, components, and experiments in "Internet Telephony".
Desirable features of a voice-over-IP system include:

* Optimal use of bandwidth.
* Capacity management.
* Support of speech quality.
* Flexible integration into voice environment (e.g., PBX).
* Enterprise network ready (support LAN/WAN/Internet protocols for direct
* System-level scalability: must be easy to add PBX-side interfaces to
  support growth in requirements and appropriate links.
* Network-level scalability: must be able to support mapping of a sufficient
  number of extensions (perhaps several thousands) to the respective IP
  addresses of the destination gateway. A master database with distributed
  upgrade may be desirable.

IEEE COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE announces a forthcoming issue on "Internet
Prospective authors should follow IEEE COMMUNICATION MAGAZINE guidelines and
submit an electronic (PDF file or a PostScript file viewable by Ghostview)
copy of the manuscript to one of the Guest Editors listed below. Articles
addressing both traditional and innovative products will be given
Topics include, but are not limited to:

* Voice over IP/ATM
* IP over ATM/FR for Multimedia
* Traffic Control for Multimedia/Internet Telephony
* QoS Control of Voice over IP
* Evolution of the VPN and PBX environment
* Traffic Capacity Management and Routing Algorithms for Multimedia.

Full manuscript submission deadline         July 31, 1999
Notification of acceptance                  October 30, 1999
Publication Schedule                        April 2000

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