Encoding agreement & Interim meeting

Tom-PT Taylor taylor at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Wed Jul 21 10:31:17 EDT 1999

May I point out that the encoding of a substantial portion of each message
is in the hands of SG 16?  I am talking about the media descriptor portion
of the Add, Subtract, Move and Modify commands and the response to the
AuditState command, and the media capability descriptor portion of the
AuditCapability command.  I haven't seen any contributions yet suggesting
how to do it -- perhaps I should submit one.

Aside from that, I still argue that the coin flip was the only fair way out
of a clear impasse.  Of course, you're free to argue that the internet and
telephony worlds will always be separate and should each go their own way,
but this has not been the premise of our work so far.  The key point is that
a lot of people in Megaco see time to market as a very important issue and
were very happy with the way the coin came down.

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> I would agree with Bob below in that the vast majority of
> telecommunications
> networks binary is used as an encoding method, its efficient, its
> tested, debugged and interoperates but as mentioned elsewhere they're
> old arguments but VERY valid.
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