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I've got a small editorial comment: replace ``Upon recipient of this
"conferenceListChoice" Facility message'' by ``Upon receipt ...''


"Paul E. Jones" wrote:
> Folks,
> Mr. Kaynam Hedayat has pointed out an error in the Implementers Guide that,
> in order to correct, will require a text change in the H.323v3 document
> submitted for decision in September.
> The particular error is in section 6.1.4 of the Implementers Guide.  It
> refers to section A2d) of H.323.  The following text currently
> exists in the Implementers Guide and was approved in September:
> ``The recipient of this "routeCallToMC" Facility message should consider the
> previous exchange completed and send a new SETUP message to the MC(U)
> address with the chosen conference it wishes to join.''
> However, the text shown directly above this change is actually text from
> section rather than section  Additionally, the
> "routeCallToMC" should be "conferenceListChoice".  I would like to propose
> that we change the paragraph in the Implementers Guide to the following
> text:
> ``Upon recipient of this "conferenceListChoice" Facility message, Endpoint 1
> may join a conference from the list of conferences by sending a new Setup
> message to the MC(U) on the Call Signaling Channel which contains the
> selected CID and which has conferenceGoal = join.  If Endpoint 1 chooses not
> to join any of the listed conferences, it shall send a Release Complete
> message to the MC(U)."
> This text would appear in section A2d) and section
> (following the second paragraph).
> Please let me know if there are any objections to this proposed change.
> Thanks,
> Paul

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