Error in Implementers Guide

Paul E. Jones paul.jones at
Mon Jul 19 22:05:18 EDT 1999


Mr. Kaynam Hedayat has pointed out an error in the Implementers Guide that,
in order to correct, will require a text change in the H.323v3 document
submitted for decision in September.

The particular error is in section 6.1.4 of the Implementers Guide.  It
refers to section A2d) of H.323.  The following text currently
exists in the Implementers Guide and was approved in September:

``The recipient of this "routeCallToMC" Facility message should consider the
previous exchange completed and send a new SETUP message to the MC(U)
address with the chosen conference it wishes to join.''

However, the text shown directly above this change is actually text from
section rather than section  Additionally, the
"routeCallToMC" should be "conferenceListChoice".  I would like to propose
that we change the paragraph in the Implementers Guide to the following

``Upon recipient of this "conferenceListChoice" Facility message, Endpoint 1
may join a conference from the list of conferences by sending a new Setup
message to the MC(U) on the Call Signaling Channel which contains the
selected CID and which has conferenceGoal = join.  If Endpoint 1 chooses not
to join any of the listed conferences, it shall send a Release Complete
message to the MC(U)."

This text would appear in section A2d) and section
(following the second paragraph).

Please let me know if there are any objections to this proposed change.


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