Moving on

Chris Purvis Chris.Purvis at MADGE.COM
Wed Jul 7 06:02:47 EDT 1999


Why is the remoteExtensionAddress field in SETUP and FACILITY
messages of H.225 specified as AliasAddress whereas the same field in ACF,
LCF has been specified as SEQUENCE OF AliasAddress?

The flexibility given by the ACF message has been taken away in the
subsequent H.225 messages. For example, the sequence of the AliasAddress
fields for a remote endpoint may include its E.164 address and its
TransportAddress. However, when sending the SETUP message, the originating
terminal can send only one of these. Now, when the intermediate Gateway
(proxy or similar application) receives this message, either it would not
know to whom to connect to (if the TransportAddress has not been specified)
or its CDRs would not have the complete information (they require the E.164
address). Also, an additional overhead would be incurred in re-resolving the

Is this an oversight or was it intentional? Could somebody let me know
why such a decision had been taken?


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