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Sakae OKUBO okubo at GITI.OR.JP
Sun Jul 11 22:49:11 EDT 1999

Dear Mr.Espen.Skjaeran

In response to your request, APC-1567 has been
allocated to your contribution.


Source: L M Ericsson
Title : "Generic Service ControlTransport"

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Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
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Documents for Q.12-14/16 Rapporteur meeting in Berlin (2-6 August 1999)
APC-  Source       Title
1555  ITU-T SG8    Recommendation T.38 Indications in Recommendation
                   H.245 (TD1/WP2 of the SG16 Santiago meeting)
1556  ITU-T SG11   Support of  IN services for H.323 and other IP
                   Network based terminals (TD4/WP2 of the SG16 Santiago
1557  ITU-T SG9    Draft New Rec. J.Web "Distribution of Sound and
                   Television Programmes over the Internet
                   "Webcasting"" (TD22/WP2 of the SG16 Santiago
1558  ITU-T SG2    Routing of Multimedia Connections When Interworking
                   with PSTN, ATM, and IP Networks (TD24/GEN of the SG16
                   Santiago meeting)
1559  SG16 WP2     Proposed Organisation going forward to new Study
1560  Editor (E Martinez)
                   Annex-H (User and Service Mobility in H.323) Proposed
1561  Editor (G Hellstrom)
                   H.323 Annex G Text Conversation and Text SET
1562  L M Ericsson H.gcp Modification proposals for Text Conversation
1563  L M Ericsson First draft of a H.246 Annex for text conversation
                   and text telephony
1564  L M Ericsson H.224 Modified for text conversation
1565  (P Jones)    T.35 (1999) country codes
1566  Editor H.243 Draft revised ITU-T Recommendation H.243 (white doc.)
1567  L M Ericsson Generic Service ControlTransport

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