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Edgar Martinez [1] martinze at CIG.MOT.COM
Fri Jul 9 05:17:19 EDT 1999

Dear Mr. Callaghan,

RC> This discussion has introduced a degree of confusion.
RC> The meeting report from Santiago clearly states that H.323v3 and
RC> H.225.0v3 will be decided in 2/00.  Now we are discussing a decision
RC> of 9/99.  Which is correct?
RC> Are all the additions people feel are needed immediately going to be
RC> provided in Berlin for inclusion in v3?  Will be have a full meeting
RC> including Q.13, Wp2, and SG16 in September?  If so, how many days are
RC> scheduled for the meeting?
RC> Another words --- What's happening.

As no response has been posted, I write what I understand (or presume).

1) After the Santiago meeting, WP2 Chairman asked all the Rapporteurs if
they wish to utilize the opportunity in September to decide any Draft
Recommendations in charge. This is based on the confirmation that there will
be a half day SG16 meeting in September to decide G.722.1. Furthermore, he
asked the possibility of deciding H.323 V3 and H.225.0 V3 due to the
potential difficulty to have simultaneous V3 decision and V4 determination
in February 2000.

2) Q13 Rapporteur questioned whether determining V4 is possible in February
2000 if V3 is decided in September 1999.

3) ITU-TSB confirmed that deciding V3 in September 1999 and determining V4
in February 2000 is possible and that the simultaneous decision and
determination would be much more difficult.

4) Rapporteur and Editors sent the white contributions of H.323 V3 and
H.225.0 V3 by 30 June when the collective and circular letters should be
issued for the SG16 decision meeting.

5) The circular letter will refer to the white contributions to be decided.
It will appear at http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/com16/circ/. Please note that the
collective letter will apear at http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/com16/coll/.

6) The meeting will be in the morning of 30 September 1999. I do not have
information how the half day is organized. Please see the coming collective
letter including the agenda. Mr. Bigi has advised all the Rapporteurs that
the SG16 management team would invite them to the sessions in the afternoon
of 30 September and the following day(s) to study Questions for the new
study period. So, the SG16 meeting will certainly be held for the half day.

Mr. Skran may update the description above with his definitive version.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
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