Q.16-17/16 Rapporteur meeting

Sakae OKUBO okubo at GITI.OR.JP
Fri Jul 2 00:04:34 EDT 1999

Dear Q.12-14/16 experts,

Attached please find the notice of the subject meeting held in Geneva during
25-27 August 1999.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Waseda Research Center
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
5th Floor, Nishi-Waseda Bldg.
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169-0051 Japan
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Subject: Convocation of the Rapporteur's meeting on Q16 and 17/16
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 15:18:37 +0200
Importance: high
X-Priority: 1
MIME-Version: 1.0

Dear Colleagues,

As agreed at Santiago a Rapporteur meeting regarding Qs 16 and 17/16 will
take place in Geneva at the ITU premises from 25 to 27 August 1999
(inclusive), with the following agenda:

1.  Opening
2.  Approval of the agenda

3.  Discussion/proposals
     a)  for the project "MEDIA COM 2004"
     b)  possible information to TSAG
     c)  communication with other SGs

4.  Preparation of the meeting of IP experts of SG 13 (Geneva, 30 August -
10 September
5.  GII projects under the responsibility of SG 16
7.  Miscellaneous
8.  Future work
9.  Closing

The meeting will open at 09.30 hours on the first day. Detailed information
concerning the meeting rooms will be displayed on screens at the entrances
to ITU headquarters.

The results of this meeting will also serve as preparation for the review of
Questions for the next study period. This activity will very likely take
place in a meeting organized on 30 September (afternoon session), 1 October
and 2 October (if needed), with the participation of the management of SG 16
and the Rapporteurs.

Contributions to the August meeting should reach TSB as soon as possible and
will be posted in Q16/16 and Q17/16 informal ftp area.  A copy of
contributions should be sent to the Rapporteur Mr. M. Matsumoto at e-mail:
matumoto at tom.comm.waseda.ac.jp

Would you be so kind as to confirm your participation to the August meeting
of Q16 and 17/16 by return e-mail, and in any case prior to 15 August 1999.

Yours faithfully

Fabio Bigi
TSB Senior Counsellor

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