IMTC Mobility, CoIP, iNOW! - joint session

senthil.sengodan at senthil.sengodan at
Fri Jul 30 16:26:35 EDT 1999


My apologies if you've received multiple copies of this email. Due to the
synergy that the IMTC CoIP, iNOW! and Mobility groups have in the H.323
space, it is intended to have a joint session between these groups (in
addition to any individual sessions) during SuperOP in September.

If anyone is interested in making a presentation during this joint meeting,
please let me know. In the mobility area, it is foreseen that the agenda
would cover:

1) An overview of mobility efforts in other standards bodies - specifically
2) A possible contribution/discussion on a mobility model based on H.323.
3) A possible discussion on the security aspects involved in mobility.

If anyone would like to see any other specific area being addressed or would
like to contribute to any of these areas, please let me know.

- Senthil Sengodan
  Co-chair, IMTC Mobility AG

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