Use of Alternate Gatekeepers & Implementers Guide

Jean-Francois Mule jfmule at
Wed Jul 14 01:51:12 EDT 1999

The implementer's guide (revision D), section 6.2.19 states: "If this
information is supplied, an endpoint should retransmit the request to one of
the alternate gatekeepers listed".   It is also specified that this
correction should be applied to 7.8.3 (GRJ), 7.9.3 (RRJ), 7.10.3 (URJ),
7.11.3 (ARJ), 7.12.3(BRJ), 7.13.3(LRJ), 7.14.3 (DRJ), and 7.15.3 (IACK).

Editorial comments:
0. IACK does not include altGKInfo ==> 7.15.3 (IACK) should be replaced by
7.15.4 (INAK) which contains altGKInfo

Request for comments:
1. The correction is understandable for GRJ, RRJ
2. In the case of altGKInfo received in ARJ for example, some additional
clarification would be welcome.  Indeed, the endpoint cannot retransmit the
request (ARQ) before it has registered successfully with one of the
alternate gatekeepers.  This comment is also valid for URJ, BRJ, LRJ, DRJ,
3. In the case of a DRJ message (endpoint is being dropped, sends DRQ, gets
back DRJ with altGKInfo), should the endpoint register with one of the
alternate gatekeepers to send a DRQ message right away?
4. In the case of a gateway endpoint with multiple ports, how should these
messages be handled when calls are active?

Thank you in advance for any comments, regards
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