H.323 call over gateway question

Christian Geng christian.geng at DETEWE.DE
Tue Jul 13 05:45:52 EDT 1999

Dear Sir or Madame,

We want to develop a H.323 based VoIp telefon system attached to our
PBX. There will be a gatekeeper to manage the callhandling in our zone.
A H.323 gateway shall translate between PBX and H.323 world. There is a
specific question we didn't found answered in the ITU recommendations.
We want to setup a call from a H.323 terminal to an endpoint placed in
the PBX. This call should be via gatekeeper. Shoul first a setup been
done to the gatekeeper? How can the endpoint (callee) on the other side
of the gatekeeper be addressed? When we do first the setup to the
gatekeeper, we will put in the H.225.0 Setup-UUI/destinationAddress the
AliasAddress of the gatekeeper. Is this right? And were can we put in
the address of the PBX endpoint (callee)?


Christian Geng
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