Call_id for H.245 messages

Sunil Mahajan smahajan at HSS.HNS.COM
Fri Jul 9 06:37:25 EDT 1999


We are new to this list and need some clarification related to H.245 call
signaling on TCP/IP channel..

Considering a separate H.245 connection is required per call implies that
each connection shall have a separate port to associate H.245 messages
with its call. This requires the endpoint application to maintain an
association between ports and the call_id/call_ref value.

Isn't it useful to have some correlation_id or call_ref (or call_id) value
in each of the H.245 messages to associate H.245 messages with call instances
at the endpoints (gateways).

Ravi Kiran
Sunil Mahajan

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