H.323v3 for decision in September - Annex G Text

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It might be wise to tie in Annex G Text Conversation and Text SET with a
few words into the body of H.323 V3.

Do we have a policy to introduce Annexes with some text in the main body or
can it hang loose as it does now?

I am not ready with the RTP payload type for text in IETF until later this
year, and was aiming at a February decision for H.323 V3 with Annex G.


Gunnar Hellström

At 20:20 1999-06-28 -0400, Paul E. Jones wrote:
>We may attempt to decide H.323v3 in September and determine version 4 in
>February.  Mr. Skran has asked that I post the current draft so that people
>can review the document.  This document must be delivered to the ITU by 30
>June 1999.  (Please note that Annex C/H.323 is also a candidate for
>in Septemer.)
>This document contains only minor editorial changes to the document that
>determined in Santiago.  Nonetheless, I encourage you to review the
>for any errors or omissions.
>The change marks indicate all changes that have been made since version 2.
>Please direct any comments on the document to me.
>The document can be found here:
>Best Regards,
>Paul E. Jones
>DataBeam Corporation
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