Relationship of H.323 and H.245 versions

Dave Walker dave_walker at Mitel.COM
Wed Jan 20 13:23:15 EST 1999


I understand what you're trying to do, but I'm a little concerned
about allowing a v2 entity to support any version of H.245,
including unspecified future versions which may or may not be
compatible with what we have now.

So let me propose the following paragraph as replacement text for
the offending portion of the H.323 Version 2 Summary section (which
begins in the same way).

"Products claiming compliance with Version 2 of H.323 shall comply
with all of the mandatory requirements of this document, H.323 (1998),
which references H.225.0 (1998) and H.245 (1998).  The protocol
identifiers used in messages defined in H.225.0 (1998) and H.245
(1998) are specified in those recommendations.  An H.323 Version 2
compliant product may also be compliant with other versions of these
recommendations, but should not send messages or invoke procedures
defined in a newer version of a recommendation than a peer has
identified itself as supporting."


Dave Walker
Mitel Corporation
Ontario, CANADA

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