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> Subject:      Notice of Meeting and Call for Contributions on new ITU
> question on  Internet Gateway Equipment
> Notice of Meeting and Call for Contributions on new ITU question on
> Internet Gateway Equipment
> In October, the Telecommunications Standardization Bureau of the
> International Telecommunications Union, (ITU-T) Study Group 15
> (Transport Networks, Systems and Equipment)approved a new Question
> dealing with interconnection equipment between the GSTN and IP Networks.
> The first meeting of this new Question (Q21/15)will be held in
> conjunction with the Study Group 15/Working Party 2 interim meeting on
> 16 - 19 February, 1999.
> ITU members can find the full text of the question on the ITU Informal
> FTP Area, at:
> Note that this site is password protected, and is accessible to ITU
> members only.
> Non-ITU members can find the text of the Question at:
> This message is a call for contributions on this important new work. The
> goal of
> the February meeting is to establish working methods for the Question,
> the baseline structure for the Recommendation, a timetable for
> completion of the work, and to begin
> drafting text.
> The Recommendation being developed in this Question will be of interest
> to the following parties:
> - GSTN telephony carriers interfacing or planning to interface their
> networks to the Internet
> - Internet Service Providers carrying or planning to carry telephony
> traffic originating or terminating on the GSTN
> - Network equipment vendors providing or developing Internet
> Telephony interface equipment
> Meeting Registration
> ITU and interested non-ITU members may attend this meeting. Details on
> registration for the interim meeting may be obtained from the host, Tom
> Oshidari [toshidari at]. The venue for the meeting is the
> Sheraton on Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. The meeting will be one
> day long, and will be held during the week of February 15-19. The
> specific day will be known by January 15.
> Contributions
> If you plan to attend this meeting, please let the Rapporteur, Mr. Jerry
> Skene and the host, Mr. Oshidari know. If you plan to submit a
> contribution on this topic, please email it to the Rapporteur, and it
> will be included in the discussion.
> If you are a non ITU member, you are most welcome to attend and to
> submit contributions. Please contact the rapporteur for guidance on
> this.
> To ensure proper consideration of a contribution, the title of the
> contribution must be received by the rapporteur no later than January 8,
> 1999.
> Sincerely;
> Jerry Skene   Rapporteur, Q21/15
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