Relationship of H.323 and H.245 versions

Pete Cordell pete.cordell at BT-SYS.BT.CO.UK
Thu Jan 14 09:59:27 EST 1999


As H.323 editor can you comment on which of the following statements is
more correct:

a) H.323 version 2 can be used with H.245 version 3 ONLY
b) H.323 version 2 can be used with H.245 version 3 OR LATER.

My view is that it is undesirable to have to up-issue H.323 to a new
version if all you want to do is make use of new features in H.245.
Also, as part of third party re-routing, in the future it may occur that
an H.323 version 3 endpoint originally connected to another H.323
version 3 endpoint will end up being connected to the H.245 from an
H.323 version 2 endpoint.  Hence assuming that the H.323 and H.245
versions are locked together does not work.  However, I'm not sure if
this aligns with the groups understanding.  Do you have any comments?



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