Development of Decomposed Gateway Architecture

Rex Coldren coldrenr at AGCS.COM
Fri Feb 26 19:35:45 EST 1999

   Sorry to respond so late to this.  In the interest of keeping my mailbox close
to manageable I deal with the quickies first.  Has anyone responded to this or
are you taking these work items on yourself?  I am wondering whether there is
something here that you want me to tackle.


Tom-PT Taylor wrote:

> This note is to point out the follow-up work required in the light of the
> Monterey meeting's adoption of the revised Gateway functional architecture
> as shown in TD-34 (Monterey).  I am prepared to contribute to that work.
> People may wish to comment on the priorities of definition of the different
> interfaces.
> First point: I followed up Bob Callaghan's pointers to the layer 4
> interfaces applicable to our J:c interface (per the TD-34 definition).  The
> relevant references are the SDL charts shown in Annex A of Q.931 and Annex H
> of Q.764 respectively.  These show  the messages exchanged over the J:c
> interface for their respective protocols, but do not show their content.  So
> that's one work item.
> Second point: Annex A of Q.931 shows messages going between a Q.931 Protocol
> Control block and two higher blocks: Call Control and Resource Control
> respectively.  Annex H of Q.764 is more complicated: it shows Call Control
> above the ISUP User Part, but three blocks within it: Signalling Procedure
> Control, Call Processing Control, and Circuit Supervision Control.  I think
> we should have a Call Control block in our picture, at the same level as our
> High-Layer Resource Control.  I also think the ISUP Circuit Supervision
> Control should report into High-Layer Resource Control rather than Call
> Control.
> Third point: the messaging on our ?:b interface can probably be derived from
> the Q.931 SDL.  The content also has to be worked out.  Another couple of
> work items.
> Final point: how to determine the content of the ?:e (abstracted H.245)
> interface and where it should flow?  Definitely some detailed work items
> here.
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