APC-1548 uploaded to ftp site

Mark Duckworth Mark_Duckworth at PICTEL.COM
Thu Feb 11 07:59:12 EST 1999


[this is relevant only to the attendees of the Monterey meeting next week]

we (Stephan Wenger and myself with much help Georgia Lund from the IMTC)
are working on organizing Internet connectivity for the meeting
rooms in Monterey and we probably need your support for this.  The IMTC got
the hotel chasing for an ISDN line and we are bringing an ISDN router,
one or two 16-port hubs, and some twisted pair cables.  What we now
need are some volunteers (actually, there cannot be enough :-) to bring
additional hubs so that we can provide a port for everyone -- without
having to buy too much stuff.  Getting additional power outlet strips
would be nice, too.

Please contact me via private e-mail (jo at teles.de or jo at tzi.uni-bremen.de)
if you want to commit to bring some equipment.  Even if you don't commit,
please bring it anyway.

Of course, we expect everybody to care for their own cabling.

BTW: There remains the minor issue of the cost for 120 hours of Internet
     connectivity but I assume we will be able to sort that out...

Thanks a lot for your support,

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