APC-1522, APC-1523 available

Dave Walker dave_walker at MITEL.COM
Mon Feb 8 21:41:40 EST 1999

Dear Q.12-14/16 experts,

I have completed the list of input documents for the Monterey meeting as
attached by assigning APC-1539 to Louis Christodoulides, Inmarsat (this is
reuse of a withdrawn contribution) and APC-1553 to Roni Even, Accord.

Please all the contributors upload your contributions as soon as possible so
that concerned members can review them in advance of the meeting.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Waseda Research Center
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
5th Floor, Nishi-Waseda Bldg.
1-21-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
169-0051 Japan
      Tel: +81 3 5286 3830
      Fax: +81 3 5287 7287
      e-mail: okubo at giti.or.jp

Documents for the Q.12-14/16 Monterey meeting (15-18 February 1999)
APC- Source          Title
1486 SG11 Q.20/11    DSS2 protocol provision of adaptive timing
                     recovery used for transmitting clock
1487 SG9 Q.31/9      Progress report on Webcasting
1488 MPEG            Liaison statement from SC 29/WG 11 to ITU-T SG
                     16/Q 11, 12, 13 and 14 on MPEG-4 Systems on H.32X
1489 MPEG            Liaison statement from SC 29/WG 11 to ITU-T SG
                     16/Q11, 12, 13, and 14 on MPEG-4 Audio on H.32X
1490 MPEG            Liaison statement from SC 29/WG 11 to ITU-T SG
                     16/Q12 on Common Text Recommendations
1491 Nokia           GSM in H.323
1492 AT&T            H.323 Differentiated Services and Their Protocol
1493 AT&T            Viewgraphs presentation for "H.323 Differentiated
                     Services and Their Protocol Architectures"
1494 AT&T            TIA/EIA IS-641 Enhanced Full-Rate Speech Codec
                     for H.323
1495 Editor (G Kajos)
                     Changes to H.341 Annexes
1496 Editors (D Gurle, G Kimchi)
                     Editorial changes to H.323 Annex E text
1497 TIPHON          Requirements for a Protocol at Reference Point N:
                     Media Gateway Controller to Media Gateway
1498 VTEL            H.323 QoS (Quality of Service) in the Policy
                     Based Network
1499 VTEL            Slides Presentation for H.323 QoS (Quality of
                     Service) in the Policy Based Network
1500 Editor (B Hill) Gateway Control Protocol H.GCP
1501 Editor (J Ott)  H.323 Annex F White Paper (for a final review)
1502 Teles           OpenLogicalChannel structures for Annex F
1503 PTS Sweden      H.323 Annex "Text", Text Conversation Capable SUD
1504 PTS Sweden      Text conversation in H.323
1505 Editor (M Korpi)
                     Draft H.450.8 - Conference out of Consultation
                     Supplementary Service for H.323
1506 Siemens         CallIdentifier and ConferenceIdentifier value
                     setting in H.450.2and H.450.3
1507 PictureTel      Fixing inconsistency between Annex E and H.283
                     and Annex G
1508 Chairman WP2/13 Status report on AAL2 signalling and switching
1509 Q12 Rapporteur  Draft H.321 Implementors Guide
1510 Madge Networks  cryptoTokens in H.225.0 Annex G
1511 Madge Networks  Master/slave determination for inter-zone calls
                     in H.323 environments where gatekeepers are
                     routing H.245 signalling
1512 Madge Networks  Submissions for the H.323 implementer's guide
1513 Ascend          Extension Proposals for Gateway MIB of H.341
1514 Siemens         Comparison of Tunneling and Interworking
1515 Siemens         H.450.x - Tunneling of External protocols
1516 ATMF            "H.323 Over ATM Media Transport" specification
1517 ATMF            H.245 codepoint for transport of compressed RTP
                     over AAL5
1518 ATMF            GIT for the transporting the portNumber
1519 Korea Telecom   Dynamic Multicast Tree Building Procedure
1520 Nortel Networks Corrections to H.323 and H.245 regarding fast
                     start procedures
1521 Bosch, Ericsson, NTT DoCoMo
                     Request to support full MPEG-4 functionality in
                     H.324 terminals
1522 Mitel           Additions to the H.323 Implementors Guide
1523 Mitel           Comments on H.323 Annex F
1524 BT, Mitel       H.245 Pre-Opened Channels
1525 Editor (G Fruendlich)
                     H.225.0 Annex G white draft from the editor
1526 Editor (G Fruendlich)
                     H.225.0 Annex G Clarifications and Improvements
1527 Lucent          Caller ID Support
1528 Lucent          Name Identification Features
1529 Lucent          Media Device Control Protocol (MDCP)
1530 Lucent          Support for Wireless Coders in H.323
1531 Lucent          ISUP-Based Signaling for H.225 Control
1532 TAO             Consideration of MPEG-2 stream packetization
1533 Editor (J Toga) Proposed text for H.323 Implementers Guide
1534 LM Ericsson     Generic Mechanism for SS7 Transport in H323 based
1535 Siemens         Need for Services and Procedures for Charging,
                     Accounting and Advice of Charge in H.323
1536 NEC             Layered coding and bitrate/bandwidth scalability
                     for speech/audio coding
1537 Nortel Networks Requirements Across the B, C, and D Interfaces of
                     a Decomposed Gateway
1538 Nortel Networks Requirements For Tunneling of ISUP and Other
1539 Inmarsat        Satellite component of IMT-2000
1540 LM Ericsson     Adding pricing information to terminals in call
1541 LM Ericsson     Use of GRQ for inter-gatekeeper discovery
1542 LM Ericsson     Extending the pregranted ARQ
1543 LM Ericsson     Indication of H.323 Annex E capabilities to
1544 Editor (G Freundlich)
                     Draft H.225.0 V3
1545 Lucent          Internal Connection Model for Generic Media
1546 Ascend, ITXC, Lucent, OzEmail Interline, Siemens, VocalTec
                     Comments on H.225.0 Annex G
1547 Chairman, IETF Megaco Working Group
                     Media Gateway Control Protocol Architecture and
1548 PictureTel      Suggested changes to H.341(H.MediaMIB)
1549 PictureTel, VideoServer
                     Correction of problems related to MCV in H.230
                     and H.243
1550 Bellcore        Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)
1551 Nokia           Comments to Annex G
1552 VocalTec        Token OID for Crypto Tokens
1553 Accord Video Telecommunication
                     H.323 changes for multi point support

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