Implementers Guide- pls review

Jim Toga jim.toga at INTEL.COM
Mon Feb 8 12:24:17 EST 1999


Thanks for the text.  I will use it instead of my poorer attempt....


At 11:40 AM 2/8/99 +0100, Derks, Frank wrote:
>Hi Jim,
>I just had a quick look at the text that you included for the description of
>TPKT. I would like to suggest the following text as a replacement:
>"A TPKT is a packet format as defined in IETF RFC1006. It is used to delimit
>individual messages (PDUs) within the TCP stream, which itself provides a
>continuous stream of octets without explicit boundaries. A TPKT consists of
>a one octet version number field, followed by a one octet reserved field,
>followed by a two octet length field, followed by the actual data. The
>version number field shall contain the value "3", the reserved field shall
>contain the value "0". The length field shall contain the length of the
>entire packet including the version number, the reserved and the length
>fields as a 16-bit big-endian word."
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