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Mon Feb 8 07:40:54 EST 1999

Hi Jim,

I just had a quick look at the text that you included for the description of
TPKT. I would like to suggest the following text as a replacement:

"A TPKT is a packet format as defined in IETF RFC1006. It is used to delimit
individual messages (PDUs) within the TCP stream, which itself provides a
continuous stream of octets without explicit boundaries. A TPKT consists of
a one octet version number field, followed by a one octet reserved field,
followed by a two octet length field, followed by the actual data. The
version number field shall contain the value "3", the reserved field shall
contain the value "0". The length field shall contain the length of the
entire packet including the version number, the reserved and the length
fields as a 16-bit big-endian word."


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