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Nadia KAUSAR N.Kausar at CS.UCL.AC.UK
Mon Feb 1 11:26:44 EST 1999

I am trying to make some sense out of H.225.0. Section 6.1 (in versions 2
and 3) refers twice to TPKT: "In IP implementations as outlined in Appendix
D, this packet is defined by TPKT". Appendix D shows an unnumbered figure
that indeed has the acronym "TPKT" in it. However, from this it is still not
quite clear what TPKT is. What is the purpose of mentioning it 6.1 if it is
not specified/explained anyway? If TPKT is nothing else than one (whole)
Q.931/H.245 PER encoded message (pre-pended with the relevant Q.931 fields
in the case of "Q.931") then the recommendation could be less ambiguous
about it. The reference to the appendix leads one to believe that further
inofrmation can be found there, whereas the preceding text already explains
what TPKT is.

Furthermore, the list of abbreviations does not list it either.




Does this "TPKT" have anything to do with "TPKT" as used in RFC1006?

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