TPKT in H.225.0

Derks, Frank F.Derks at PBC.BE.PHILIPS.COM
Mon Feb 1 12:30:30 EST 1999


You wrote

> Consider the case of a v1 gatekeeper routing H.225.0 and NOT H.245 in a call
> between two v2 endpoints.

and in your mail about SUDs you say

> Incidentally, you are mandating gatekeepers to route H.225.0 AND H.245
> messaging (not many do the latter yet!)

I don't know what you're drawing on for this, the Gatekeepers I know about
route both.  Both H.323 version 1 and version 2 state that

  When Gatekeeper Routed call signalling is used, there are two methods to
  route the H.245 Control Channel. In the first method, the H.245 Control
  Channel is established directly between the endpoints. See Figure 11.
  This method is for further study. In the second method, the H.245 Control
  Channel is routed between the endpoints through the Gatekeeper.

This statement clearly indicates that until that study occurs, the scenario
you are describing is not supported by the protocol, and may or may not work


Dave Walker
Mitel Corporation
Ontario, CANADA

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