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Dear All,

The mapping proposed in this document (i.e. ARQ/ACF mapped to IDP/Connect)
suggests that the RAS procedures are included in the BCSM. I do not think
that this is valid, because the admission procedure occurs before call
set-up initiation (i.e. it is too early for creating a BCSM instance).
Indeed, in case the "direct" call model is used, no BCSM instance will be
created after completion of the admission procedure. Moreover, it is almost
impossible to find an obvious mapping between many of the ARQ/ACF parameters
and the IDP/Connect parameters.

Before trying to map the RAS messages on to INAP operations, we should first
study how the RAS procedures can be modelled in terms of state machines. At
a first glance, it seems that the RAS procedures might be considered as
being some sort of non call related feature very much like a CCBS procedure.
Therefore, it would be wise to study their mapping on to the BCUSM/CUSF
model. If this model appears to be suitable, the ARQ/ACF message will
naturally be mapped to the InitialAssociationDP and ContinueAssociation
operations. However the mapping of parameters will still need to be

Alternatively, a deeper analysis may reveal that a completely new kind of
state model (and associated set of operations) would better suit such kind
of procedures.


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> Dear All,
> Attached is part of a document I presented in TIPHON 13 and
> the Santiago ITU-SG16 meeting to support
> INAP interworking in H.323. Which help to start the groups
> (TIPHON and SG16), to look at INAP-IPT interworking.
> The reason I sending this out I promise some reps. from
> TSG11 to send the Mapping of the RAS to INAP messages
> as a start.
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