From H.245 tunneling to separate connection?

Pekka Pessi Pekka.Pessi at
Tue Aug 17 07:03:50 EDT 1999

Paul Long <Plong at SMITHMICRO.COM> writes:
>Why would an EP ever want to switch from H.245 tunneling to a separate H.245
>connection? What possible use could there be in such a thing?

        The H.245 might be handled by a different box than the Q.931?  I
        think Paul Sijben from Lucent presented a scenario, where Q.931 was
        handled by a MGC and H.245 by MG.  (He also presented quite many
        reasons why nobody would really implement such a scenario.)  Another
        possibility would be a distributed MC, where the Q.931 is handled by
        one box and H.245 by other ones.

                                        Pekka Pessi

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