H.245v6 ASN.1 tree?

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Thu Aug 12 04:56:57 EDT 1999


The only change to the syntax for V6 that I am aware of is the change given
below (from TD69/PLEN of Santiago), where ** is used to label additions.

MediaTransportType      ::=CHOICE
        ip-UDP          NULL,
        ip-TCP          NULL,
        atm-AAL5-UNIDIR NULL, -- virtual circuits used as unidirectional
        atm-AAL5-BIDIR  NULL, -- virtual circuits used as bidirectional
**      atm-AAL5-compressed     SEQUENCE
**      {
**              variable-delta  BOOLEAN ,
**              ...
**      }


At the Berlin meeting there were discussion regarding the T.38 fax
codepoints - we had received a liaison from SG8 that showed that there were
differences between T.38 Annex B and H.245 V5. We replied to them suggesting
a syntax addition to H.245 (V6) to allow the additional fields in T.38 Annex
B to be signalled. I am assuming that we will not include these changes in
H.245 until we have received a response from SG8.

I have not made a new syntax - it did not seem worth the effort - and I am
not aware of anyone else doing so.

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> Subject:      H.245v6 ASN.1 tree?
> Has a complete ASN.1 syntax been put together for H.245v6, the version
> used
> by H.323v3? If so, where I can find it online? I guess it would be H.245v5
> with the Santiago TDs applied. I can combine them on my own, but I'd like
> something with which to corroborate my result.
> Paul Long
> Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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