is cross-posting really necessary?

Edgar Martinez [1] martinze at CIG.MOT.COM
Tue Aug 10 14:11:48 EDT 1999

Dear Nancy,

I too support Christian, the MEGACO list is a heavy hitter when it
comes to an overload of messages in a mail box. Plus not all
issues are common, and one needs only a shap shot to get
the idea where it is going. The issues with Sigtan would have been
better understood if we had the same service.

Thank you,


"Callaghan, Robert" wrote:

> Nancy,
> I thank Christian for advising the SG16 mailing list as to the MEGACO
> activities.  I don't monitor the MEGACO list because I simply do not have
> time for all the detailed work.  However, I do believe that SG16 people
> should be kept informed as to the general activities that are performed in
> the name of SG16.
> Abrogating the coding agreement from Berlin because it is inconvenient
> should not be keep hidden from the SG16 group.  The AD/Chair may determine
> consensus for IETF, but not for ITU.  In ITU, consensus is determined by the
> Rapporteur, and that is not Tom Taylor.
> The agreed proposal for dual coding standards was an attempt to finesse the
> unresovable disagreement over the coding standards.  Abrogating this
> agreement may only extend the discussion.  This can only impede a JOINT
> standard.
> Bob
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> Subject: is cross-posting really necessary?
> Christian Groves writes:
> > As this issue affects both SG16 and MEGACO I ask that people cross
> > post their responses to both SG16 and MEGACO lists.
> > ITU-SG16 at
> > megaco at
> >
> > Christian
> >
> Christian,
> I don't know if others agree, but I would suggest that the conversation
> remain on just ONE mailing list so that people on both lists do not receive
> two of everything.
> If there is interest from SG16 members to follow this discussion, you can
> either join the Megaco mailing list, or consult the Megaco mailing list
> archives. Then cross-posting is not needed.
> The Megaco list archives are at:
> To join the Megaco mailing list, send an email to
> listserv at with
> subscribe megaco
> in the msg body (no subject needed).
> Nancy
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