ARQ Message Information ELement values

Wed Aug 4 09:42:47 EDT 1999

Hello Sanjeev,

>>>>> "Sanjeev" == Sanjeev MUDHOLKAR <ssm at CHIPLOGIC.COM> writes:

  Sanjeev> According to my understanding the srcInfo of ARQ and the
  Sanjeev> sourceAddress of SETUP are not related. Considering case
  Sanjeev> ii, when you send a ARQ (after receiving SETUP from EP2)
  Sanjeev> ,the srcInfo will be relevant to EP1 and not to EP2.

  Sanjeev> Correct me I'am wrong.

Sorry, but H.225.0 section 7.11.1 (ARQ fields description) states:

srcInfo: [...] When sending the ARQ to answer a call, srcInfo
indicates the originator of the call.

Concerning case 2, this means that srcInfo is the address of EP2.


PS: I think this discussion would be better placed on the
h323implementors mailing list, don't you ?

  Sanjeev> Raghu Nambiath wrote:

  >> Hello everybody..
  >> This is regarding the ARQ message.There are two instances at which an
  >> enpoint EP1 will send ARQ message to the Gatekeeper.
  >> Case - 1: Needs to send SETUP message to EP2
  >> Case - 2: Received SETUP message from EP2.
  >> In both these case what will be the value for following Information
  >> elements:
  >> destinationInfo, destCallSignalAddress, destExtraCallInfo,
  >> srcInfo, srcCallSignalAddress.
  >> I belv these are related to the source and destnation of the Q.931 call.
  >> Typically in the above case
  >> Case - 1: Source is EP1 and Destination is EP2.
  >> Case - 2: Source is EP2 and Destination is EP1
  >> In the above case srcInfo is mandatory in ARQ while the corresponding
  >> related Information Element sourceAddress is optional in the case of SETUP
  >> message. Typically in the Case-2: if the EP2 had not provide the alias
  >> information, there is no way by which the EP1 can provide the info in ARQ.
  >> Pls correct me if Iam wrong on the above mentioned point.
  >> Any help on the above highlighted point will be useful..

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