H.323v4 draft

Paul E. Jones paul.jones at ties.itu.int
Sat Aug 28 19:44:49 EDT 1999

Dear Experts,

I have posted a preliminary draft of H.323v4 in the Incoming directory of
the AVC site.  This draft should contain all of the text approved for v4
during the Berlin meeting.

As was mentioned Berlin, we would like to work out issues with the gateway
decomposition and application sections as much as possible BEFORE the
October meeting.  Please, make comments.

Also, there was some text that was accepted in Berlin for the Implementers
Guide (relating to v2 and v3) and other text that was intended to be
introduced as a rapporteur's TD during the September meeting to correct
errors in the H.323v3 white contribution.  All of that text should be in
this v4 draft document.  Please bring my attention to anything that is

I'll have to speak with Mr. Skran to find out exactly what he would like to
introduce via a Rapporteur's TD for H.323v3.  However, below is a list of
things I would personally like to see introduced during the September

o All changes made to Annex C, which were made to preserve backward
o Changes made to section 8.1.7 (fast connect procedure)
o Changes to 8.4.6 (third party pause)

Please voice your opinion on additions to or deletions from this list.

Best Regards,

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