H.450.3 supplementary service

vjaiswal at HSS.HNS.COM vjaiswal at HSS.HNS.COM
Fri Aug 27 05:57:20 EDT 1999

Hi vineet,
In  H.450.3, call forwarding supplementary services, the response to
interrogateDiversionQ.Invoke APDU is defined as follows

IntResultList   ::= SET SIZE (0..29) OF IntResult
IntResult   ::= SEQUENCE
            {   servedUserNr        EndpointAddress,
                basicService            BasicService,
                procedure           Procedure,
                divertedToAddress       EndpointAddress,
                remoteEnabled       BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
                extension           CHOICE
                    {extensionSeq   ExtensionSeq,
                    nonStandardData           NonStandardParameter } OPTIONAL,

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I  would  like to know, why the result has been kept a list of maximum 29 nodes.
As  far  as my understanding goes, a list of 3 nodes would suffice, one node for
each service type (CFU/CFB/CFNR).

Ane help would be appreciated.



Vivek Jaiswal

Hughes Software Systems

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