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Meyer, Greg W greg.w.meyer at INTEL.COM
Thu Aug 26 15:18:02 EDT 1999


I've seen several postings to this email reflector lately to either
subscribe or unsubscribe. I want to make sure everyone understands how to
interact with this mail list and its administrative program.

This ITU-SG16 mail list is administered by the LISTSERV program. To
subscribe, unsubscribe or get a list of past messages, you must send
commands to LISTSERV, not the mail list. If you send commands to the
ITU-SG16 mail list, those commands simply get broadcast to the list with no
action taken by LISTSERV. Mail list administrative commands are sent to:
listserv at (mailto:listserv at

The Subject line is ignored. The command is entered into the body of the
message and has the syntax of:
command  ITU-SG16  parameters

Some of commands with their <parameters> include:
   help                                                               ; to
get command information to interact with LISTSERV
   info                                                               ; to
get command information to interact with LISTSERV
   subscribe itu-sg16 <your full name>                ; to subscribe to the
   signoff itu-sg16                                             ; to
unsubscribe to the list
   index itu-sg16                                                ; to get a
list of digest files containing messages sent to the list
   get itu-sg16 <digest file> <file type>                ; to get messages
that have been sent to the list

If your email address has changed (e.g. your domain name changed), you won't
be able to "signoff" because you're sending the "signoff" using your new
email address. Please contact me directly, stating your old email address
and I will "delete" it from the list. You may then "subscribe" using your
new email address.

It's important not to reply to the mail list unless you're certain the
response should be sent to the entire list. An example of a response that
should *not* be sent to the entire list is an automated "Out of office
reply". Some mail programs with automated responses are not well behaved and
will respond every time with "respond to all". This can cause the list to
enter an endless loop, fill everyone's mail boxes and crash the LISTSERV. If
you cannot control your email's automated responses, please "signoff" from
the list while you are away and "subscribe" when you return.

You may contact me directly if you have questions or requests.

Greg Meyer
Intel Corporation
mailto:greg.w.meyer at

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