Syntax of AND/OR construct in "Native" remote/local descriptors i n H.248

Brian Rosen brosen at ENG.FORE.COM
Fri Aug 20 10:44:31 EDT 1999

In Berlin, a proposal from Lucent, et. al. was largely
adopted that created a "native" encoding of media descriptors,
as an alternative to SDP, and instead of a straight H.245
encoding.  This has been accepted by the IETF group.

In the original proposal, constructs to describe alternative
and simultaneous capabilities was discussed.  The resulting
TD from Berlin includes much of the concepts brought up in
the proposal, including >, <, range, and QuantityOf, but
does not have any reference to alternative and simultaneous.

I need some of the people who were in this part of the Berlin
discussion to tell me what was decided about AND/OR, and
what the syntax should be.  My usual sources (Paul Sijben
and John Segers) are not available at the moment.


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