H.248 proposed changes being discussed

Nancy-M Greene ngreene at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Thu Aug 12 15:21:46 EDT 1999

Based on the msg I sent out after Berlin entitled "Results from the ITU SG16
Berlin mtg", I have just sent out a series of msgs to the megaco list
proposing actual edits to Megaco/H.248 to incorporate the changes suggested
in Berlin. If you would like to be a part of this discussion, it would be a
good idea to join the megaco mailing list. If you would just like to see
what is being discussed, you can go to the Megaco archive at

I don't think this should be seen as "going back on what was decided on in
Berlin". On the contrary, I see it as a way to make progress in a public
forum so that we have a complete and reviewed  Megaco/H.248 protocol by
October. In any case the discussion on the Megaco mailing list does not
preclude any contributions being brought into the October meeting.

Nancy M. Greene
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