is cross-posting really necessary?

Nancy-M Greene ngreene at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Tue Aug 10 12:03:09 EDT 1999

Christian Groves writes:
> As this issue affects both SG16 and MEGACO I ask that people cross
> post their responses to both SG16 and MEGACO lists.
> ITU-SG16 at
> megaco at
> Christian
I don't know if others agree, but I would suggest that the conversation
remain on just ONE mailing list so that people on both lists do not receive
two of everything.

If there is interest from SG16 members to follow this discussion, you can
either join the Megaco mailing list, or consult the Megaco mailing list
archives. Then cross-posting is not needed.

The Megaco list archives are at:

To join the Megaco mailing list, send an email to
listserv at with

subscribe megaco

in the msg body (no subject needed).

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