Short Report on SG11 & SG16

Edgar Martinez [1] martinze at CIG.MOT.COM
Tue Aug 10 08:09:50 EDT 1999

Dear Tiphoners

 ITU-SG11 and IMT-2000
ITU-SG11 issued a liaison statement which I hand carried to SG-16.
I have attached the liaison statementit to this email.
The sum of the statement is that SG11 will support and
work together with SG16 to support the INAP interworking
in the IP network.

I had the luck in meeting some Representatives from IMT-2000
and (informal), presented my proposal on support for H.323 mobility
and GSM interworking which was well received.

 ITU-SG16 last stop in standards tour.
First of all, provide H.323 mobility recommentions, then
non-h323 wireless IWF, e.g., GSM Terminal and MAP interworking
in the IP network, the proposals where accepted in the TOR.

Attached is are the TORs for H.323 mobile and IN on IPT.

Best regards,
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