overlapped Sending in h.323

Christian Geng christian.geng at DETEWE.DE
Tue Aug 10 04:41:15 EDT 1999

Dear Sir or Madam,

I try to be H.323 conform in the folowing:
I want to support overlap sending within gatekeeper-routed calls.
My session starts with a ARQ from enpoint_1 to GK without any
destination alias. After receaving ACF endpoint_1 sends SETUP without
any destination alias, but with canQverlapSend is TRUE. GK will answer
with a SETUP ACKNOWLEDGE. Endpoint_1 will then send digit by digit of
alias in destinationInfo field of ARQs. By each sending the total
cumulative addressing information is transmitted in destinationInfo
field. GK responds each time with an ARJ until recept full destination
alias, in this case it answers with ACF. I hope I am right until now?
Reading clause 8.1.12 of ITUs H.323 I thought endpoint_1 shall then send
a SETUP message to GK? This will be the second SETUP, because enpoint_1
allready did. Can't GK send now a SETUP to endpoint_2 with the
ip-address belonging to the destination alias put in the
destCallSignalAddress field?

I thank you much for an answer to solv my problem.


Christian Geng
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