ARQ Message Information ELement values

Raghu Nambiath raghun at WIPINFO.SOFT.NET
Wed Aug 4 02:22:19 EDT 1999

Hello everybody..

This is regarding the ARQ message.There are two instances at which an
enpoint EP1 will send ARQ message to the Gatekeeper.

Case - 1: Needs to send SETUP message to EP2

Case - 2: Received SETUP message from EP2.

In both these case what will be the value for following Information

destinationInfo, destCallSignalAddress, destExtraCallInfo,
srcInfo, srcCallSignalAddress.

I belv these are related to the source and destnation of the Q.931 call.
Typically in the above case

Case - 1: Source is EP1 and Destination is EP2.
Case - 2: Source is EP2 and Destination is EP1

In the above case srcInfo is mandatory in ARQ while the corresponding
related Information Element sourceAddress is optional in the case of SETUP
message. Typically in the Case-2: if the EP2 had not provide the alias
information, there is no way by which the EP1 can provide the info in ARQ.
Pls correct me if Iam wrong on the above mentioned point.

Any help on the above highlighted point will be useful..



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