RRQ Registration in H.323 V2

Ramesh B S bsramesh at NETLAB.HCLTECH.COM
Thu Apr 22 08:10:37 EDT 1999

>I have a question on RRQ registration in H.323V2. Let us say
>I have a gateway that supports area codes 408, 409. I want
>my gatekeeper to route calls to area codes 408 and 409
>to my local TCP ports 2000 and 3000 respectively. How should
>I construct my RRQ message?
>Shall I send two RRQs with same endpoint identifier
>(because I have only one gateway) with tuples
><408, 2000> and <409, 3000>.
><x,y> means:  x: carried in SupportedProtocols.prefix
>              y: carried in callSignallingAddress of RRQ message
>Is my understanding correct?

While you can send both the tuples in the same RRQ (both callSignalAddress
and supportedPrefixes are of type SEQUENCE OF), I am not aware of
a standard way of associating the values in callSignallingAddress with those
in supportedPrefixes.

Two RRQs should work if the alias address specified in both requests are
the same.


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