Any news on new megaco draft ?

Boaz Michaely Boaz_Michaely at VOCALTEC.COM
Thu Apr 22 07:10:39 EDT 1999


>Just trying to understand the problem fully before jumping in with a
>suggested solution:
>How are you expecting people to call via this gateway?
>Is the intention to place a call to multiple destionationInfos,
>first an alias that identifies the gateway, followed by a full phone
>starting 408 or 409?  If not, what is the intended action from an
>attempting to call through this gateway?

My customers would have something like Netmeeting. They would
make calls with an area code, say like 1-408-555-6666.

Let us say I have GW1 and GK. GW1 supports area codes 408 and
409. It registers these two voice call prefixes (1408 and 1409)
with GK along with port numbers 2000 and 3000. Any incoming
calls on port 2000 are automatically assumed to be outgoing
calls to area code 408 (so that GW1 need not again parse the
calledPartyNumber in the incoming message). Parsing of the
remaining number would be done at much later point in time.

Now, when a call originates from netmeeting, the ARQ would contain
the destination telephone number (1408555666) in the
"destinationInfo". GK receives this ARQ and figures out
that it has GW1 which registered the prefix 1408. So, GK returns
the <GW1 IP Address + 2000> to netmeeting. And netmeeting would
directly send the Q.931 SETUP message GW1's port 2000.

This is what I am looking for.

-Chris (R)

>> >I have a question on RRQ registration in H.323V2. Let us say
>> >I have a gateway that supports area codes 408, 409. I want
>> >my gatekeeper to route calls to area codes 408 and 409
>> >to my local TCP ports 2000 and 3000 respectively. How should
>> >I construct my RRQ message?
>> >
>> >Shall I send two RRQs with same endpoint identifier
>> >(because I have only one gateway) with tuples
>> ><408, 2000> and <409, 3000>.
>> >
>> ><x,y> means:  x: carried in SupportedProtocols.prefix
>> >              y: carried in callSignallingAddress of RRQ message
>> >
>> >Is my understanding correct?
>> >
>> >-Chris Rob
>> >
>> >

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