e164 vs. partyNumber aliases

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This is an interesting problem.

However, as the E164 alias is a user dialed number, it will include such
thing as "011" for international calls.  However, if the call uses a foreign
gateway, the gateway will not understand "011" as it is expecting "00" to
indicate an international call so it will treat "0" as a national call and
try to send the call to "11+".  The structured values in partyNumber
indication the unique number without any identification or routing
information.  Therefore a number indicated as an international number is
valid anywhere in the world.


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I like to see e164 alias being used.  In order for an EP to send the new V2
aliases, it has to know that the destination is a V2 or higher.  How does
the caller know the callee is V2 or higher?  Any thoughts?

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> What is the difference between an e164 alias and a partyNumber alias? Was
> e164
> found lacking, and does partyNumber now supercede it? Are we supposed to
> stop
> using e164? If not, how do we decide which form to use?
> Paul Long
> Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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